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What does the initial cost cover all logos?

The initial cost covers a page of logo options to be created and presented to you. You then have a few options:
a) choosing your favourite logo and having it supplied at no additional cost!
b) doing a round of changes big or small $100CDN
c) purchasing the entire page of logos for an additional $150CDN

The idea behind this pricing structure is that it keeps the risk low for the client. You only pay for what you want and can see the whole set before deciding if you want everything.

Which files do you supply?

The files I supply are PDF and PNG because these files are the best of all worlds. 

The .pdf files are the perfect files for printing and do everything that an .eps does (.eps is the traditional professional print file) and it has a vector edge. This means you can make these files as big as you'd like and no pixelation will happen, it also has a transparent background. The best file to use for digital (website, social media etc) is a .png. These do everything that a .jpg does, but they have the added bonus of having a clear background meaning you can use these on top of colour and never worry about an ugly white box. 

How long will it take to make my logo?

Lead time is approx. two weeks from the day I get your brief until I present your work to you. In peak times, this can extend to approx. three weeks.

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